The Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival (SSIF) is excited to bring you another edition of our Colouring Contest. Sharpen your pencils and get your crayons out, it’s time to colour!!

Original works by Indigenous artists Pam Cailloux, Carissa Metcalfe-Coe,  Jason G. Mullins and Rhonda Snow are available to download below.

Participants colour their sheets using crayons, pencil crayons, paints, pastels etc. (digital colouring is not be eligible).

Upload a picture of the finished work to your own Facebook page, including participant first name and age and the hashtag  #SSIFColouring . Make sure to make the post public and share  with friends and family and ask them to share too. The more likes your picture gets, the more chance to win.

Best of luck to all participants and have fun colouring!


  • Under 6
  • Ages 7-9
  • Ages 10-13
  • Aged 14-18
  • Adults 18+

CONTEST CLOSES  Monday, June 21st at 12 am EST   |   WINNERS ANNOUNCED  June 25th 


  • One (1) entry per person, per artwork.
  • Two prizes will be awarded per age category.
  • Winners will be determined by the number of likes on their posted colouring sheet
    Winners will be notified by direct message.  
  • Prizes will be e-gift cards that will be sent by direct message or email.
  • By submitting an entry you agree to allow SSIF to re-post the image on social media and Copyright of the original illustration remains with the artists, and is reproduced with permission.
  • By entering this contest, contestants and their legal parent(s) or guardian(s) consent to the Contest Organizers publishing or announcing any prize winners’ first name, age, and their completed colouring contest, in future publicity, without permission or compensation to the contestant or any other party.
  • SSIF retains the right to substitute prizes, or modify or terminate the colouring contest at any time. 
  • Staff of SSIF are not eligible to participate for prizes.



Carissa Metcalfe-Coe

Carissa Metcalfe-Coe 

Rhonda Snow  (Ojibwe Spirit Pony)

Rhonda Snow  (Ojibwe Spirit Pony)

Jason Gullo

Jason Gullo

Pam Cailloux

Pam Cailloux


Carissa Metcalfe-Coe
Carissa is a young Inuk woman born and raised in Ottawa. Her mother is renowned chef Trudy Metcalfe-Coe, has created many opportunities for Carissa to stay connected with her culture through the Ottawa Inuit community. Carissa is an artist in her own right, creating earrings, bracelets and other jewellery using bead work, bead weaving and Peyote stitching to create her beautiful designs.

Traditional tattoos on each side with an ulu—a knife traditionally used by Inuit women—in the middle, reflecting the layout of a Canadian flag. Each tattoo has a different meaning and different regions have different things. It really speaks to the woman’s individual story and what is important to her – Carissa Metcalffe Coe

Rhonda Snow
Visual artist, Ojibwe Horse knowledge keeper
Métis artist Rhonda Snow is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from Rare Breeds Canada for her tireless work preserving the Ojibwe Horse breed. Her vivid Woodlands style canvases captivate viewers and share the knowledge she has gained from the Elders about the “small horses of the big woods”. She has personally cared for Ojibwe Horses, playing an important role in the comeback of the breed from near-extinction.

Rhonda is currently working intensively with breeders to help establish educational and equine assisted learning programs that feature the Ojibwe Horses. She is also actively researching the history of the breed, interviewing elders and knowledge keepers to collect and paint the stories (on hides, rock and canvas) of how Indigenous peoples related to horses both before and after contact with Europeans.

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is a member of the Bird Clan from the Red Clay band Cherokee Nation.  He was born in New York City and comes from a family of  strong artists in all types of mix mediums .

As a member of the New York’s Native American Education Program and the American Community House, Jason had been actively involved in his community’s preservation of Aboriginal culture from a young age.  He dances modern and traditional styles.  He is also a theatrical artist who has performed on and off Broadway with the Harlem Dance Theatre, Viacom (MTV) and as part of the World Festival at the Madison Square Gardens.

Jason is a self taught artist who enjoys working with different mediums.  His subject matter depends on where he gets his inspiration.  He likes his art to reflect his culture, as well as other Nations stories and traditions.  He uses bright vibrant colors and captures movement in his paintings of traditional dancers.  Jason’s art has been sold internationally, privately, and many festivals.

Jason has been a traditional pow-wow dancer since he was 11 years old and wants to take the knowledge that was passed on to him and share it with the youth.  He has worked in many diverse and intimate settings nationally and internationally passing on stories of his culture through the arts of dance, song and creation.

Pam Cailloux
PAMELA Cailloux was born in Quebec. She is of Metis decent consisting of Huron and Algonquin heritage. Her artwork is heavily influenced by the teachings of the medicine wheel consisting of balance, seasons, elements and harmony. Mother Earth is often represented in her works as an energy and spirit that is determined to heal and restore natural order. Pamela has been drawing all her life and the style we see today began to take shape around 1995.

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