This year, our pre-prepared meals only require heating before they’re ready to eat.

Want to know more about your chosen culinary boxes? Watch videos of our Indigenous chefs, Trudy Metcalfe-Coe and Paul Owl as they talk through preparing their dishes, from gathering the ingredients to putting it all together to be sent to your doorstep. New Culinary Experiences videos are uploaded on Mondays. Each culinary box serves 2.
Blackened Arctic Char, Dilled Butter Peas and Mashed Potatoes

$55 + shipping
Purchase deadline: June 9th
Delivered: Week of June 10th

About the Chef:
Originally from Nain, Nunatsiavut, the Inuit Land Claims region in Northern Labrador, Inuk Chef Trudy Metcalfe-Coe has called Ottawa home for thirty plus years. Trudy started cooking around the age of twelve and takes pleasure in bringing comfort to family, friends and community, through her love of creating tasty dishes from Country Food (food from the Arctic such as caribou, seal, arctic char and musk ox). Trudy is a very proud Mama to two successful daughters who are strong Indigenous Leaders in their community and a loving Titi to her two precious grandchildren. Trudy is also very artistic and spends many evenings in front of her sewing machine sewing beautiful parkas based on traditional Inuit designs, with a modern twist. She also creates jewelry using seal skin and enjoys beading.
Smoked Game BBQ Box with Homemade Bison Burgers, Venison Sausage and Wild Rice Salad

$45 + shipping 
Purchase Deadline: June 15th
Delivered: Week of June 17th

About the Chef:
Paul Owl is from the Serpent River First Nation, on the northern tip of Lake Huron born and raised. He has faced many challenges, successes and failures. A true entrepreneur, he only knows how to move forward and continue to grow. Throughout his entrepreneurial life, he has started a few small businesses in sales, representing a variety of products and services. He has worked as Head Chef for multiple organizations. Alongside that, he has led construction projects and builds in Northern Ontario and Manitoba. Mr. Owl now runs Unique First Nations Solutions, a telecommunications company and First Essential, a business services consulting company. He also runs Rez-Q Smokery, Canninish, Telkodata and Treeteas Brewing (cedar-infused teas). His latest projects has him developing a brewhouse and smokery, Indigenous tourism, and custom charcuterie.