Natural Printmaking with Emily Brascoupé-Hoefler, Algonquin artist

Live premiere June 3rd 1:00 pm EDT

Pre-registered Students/Teachers from Across Canada are invited to this pre-recorded art workshop and live Q&A with Emily Hoefler-Brascoupé. Collect flat natural objects, like leaves, flowers, flat pebbles, feathers and other items found in nature, to create prints from these natural materials. Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Emily Brascoupé-Hoefler studied visual art and photography at...


Canada Goose Paint Night

Simon Brascoupé, Algonquin Artist and Curator

Simon Brascoupé, Algonquin Artist and Curator will lead a live online class on painting the iconic Canada Goose. He will begin by telling two Canada Goose stories: Canada Geese classic flying pattern teaching and Nanabush and the Canada Geese.

The artist will then teach participants how to draw Canada Goose and paint it using acrylic paints on canvas.