Colouring Contest

Weekly colouring contests will engage youth of all ages. Original works of art have been purchased from 3 Indigenous artists (Pam Callou, Cristi Belcourt and Jason Gullo) and is available online to download. Participants can upload their finished works (by age) to social media using the hashtag #SSIFColouring and encourage votes. Weekly prizes by vote...

Kehewin Native Dance Theatre & Safari Jeff

Temporarily postponed Kehewin Native Dance Theatre & Safari Jeff & Shannon - Indigenous stories and dances and live presentation of the snakes and reptiles from Safari Jeff & Shannon.

Seared Rainbow Trout with Sweet Corn Succotash

Chef Joseph Shawana

Create a beautiful meal of fresh Ontario rainbow trout sourced from an Indigenous supplier, paired with a delicious medley of traditional corn and fresh herbs with wild ramps, instructed by culinary expert, Chef Joseph Shawana. Meal Kits available for 2 or 4 guests.

If you live in Ottawa, you can register for this June 13th workshop and all required materials will be delivered to your door for that date.

Delivery to GTA, Manitoulin Island and Sudbury Region is now available on June 18th and 19th.