Kakwitene 2020

Presenting Kakwitene 2020

an Interactive vr experience

A 3D environ designed by MoniGarr.com for Indigenous-Experiences.ca

It shows the visuals of what the Onkwehonwe artist sees when hearing the Kanien’keha phrase ‘Kakwitene’ (pronounced: gah gwih deh neh). The flowers, insects, and vines are inspired by Indigenous Woodland raised beadwork, art, culture and languages.

MoniGarr is an Indigenous VR Performance company from Akwesasne that produces XR experiences for Indigenous Futurism, Language Revival & Retention projects that can be heard & seen on computers, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, 360 films, interactive films, video games and as 3D printed objects.

Oronia blue

Otsinekwar yellow

Onekwantera red

Karaken white

Ohonte green

Kahontsi black