Colouring Contest

Weekly colouring contests will engage youth of all ages. Original works of art have been purchased from 3 Indigenous artists (Pam Callou, Cristi Belcourt and Jason Gullo) and is available online to download. Participants can upload their finished works (by age) to social media using the hashtag #SSIFColouring and encourage votes. Weekly prizes by vote...

Summer Birds Storytelling and Stencil Print Art with Simon Brascoupé

Live premiere June 10th 1:00 pm EDT

Pre-registered Students and Teachers from across Canada are invited to this stencil print workshop which includes storytelling about the summer birds. Simon’s grandmother would tell him and his brothers the story of the summer birds, where a giant head kept birds in a large cage preventing spring and summer from coming. Participants will hear the...


Sketching Inuit Sea Creatures

Heather Campbell

Learn to draw with Heather Campbell Inuit sea creatures. Heather will talk about the importance of these sea creatures to Inuit culture. You will learn to draw a whale, seal, walrus and polar bear. This is an opportunity to be taught sketching techniques and skills for the beginner and experienced skechers. Purchase this event kit...