Colouring Contest

Weekly colouring contests will engage youth of all ages. Original works of art have been purchased from 3 Indigenous artists (Pam Callou, Cristi Belcourt and Jason Gullo) and is available online to download. Participants can upload their finished works (by age) to social media using the hashtag #SSIFColouring and encourage votes. Weekly prizes by vote...

Mens’ and Womens’ Traditional (All ages)

First Round Competitions: Competitors Post & Audience Votes @ Social Distance Pow Wow for the Top 5! 12pm EDT to 8pm EDT each day. Finalists announced by 10pm EDT. Men’s Traditional – This dancer wears a single eagle feather bustle. The traditional dancer symbolizes a warrior in battle, hunting, gathering. They may hold dance sticks...

Cultural Showcase with Prairie Fire, Tarniriik & Indigenous Experiences

Live premiere June 15th, 1:00 EDT

Metis Jigging - Praire Fire Jiggers Inuit Throat Singers - Tarniriik Pow Wow Teachings - Indigenous Experiences Pre-registered students and teachers from across Canada are invited to join Prairie Fire for a workshop designed to teach audiences about Metis culture and the joy of the jig. Tarniriik continues to share and perform Inuit throatsinging. Indigenous...


Festival Celebration & Drive-In Movies

Wesley Clover Park 401 Corkstown Rd, Ottawa
Summer Solstice Festival welcomes you to their Festival Celebration & Drive-In Movie Night on June 15th presented by RBC. Join us at Wesley Clover Park with Indigenous movies “Kayak to Klemtu” and two family-friendly shorts. Complimentary popcorn courtesy of RBC.