You are invited to join us for an amazing Indigenous dining experience at Chef Tawnya Brant’s Long table feast.  Chef Tawnya Brant of Six Nations of the Grand River Territory competed on Season 10 of Top Chef Canada. Two sessions are available, lunch at 1 PM and dinner at 6 PM.

The featured meal will include: 

  • Woodlands salad with blueberry sweetgrass vinaigrette 
  • Bluecorn Scone with forged greens compound butter
  • Juniper & ramp braised bison with gravy, wild garlic two row Potato pave & sauteed seasoned asparagus & green beans 
  • Strawberry shortcake with a vanilla chantilly and strawberry gastric 
  • Served with Zibbins Nibi cedar infused waters, fresh strawberry juice, coffee & tea

Featuring a Live Performance by Logan Staats

Mohawk folk and soul musician Logan Staats began as a diamond in the rough on the streets of Brantford, Ontario. He played the local circuit for years before his 2015 debut release ‘Goodbye Goldia’, an unvarnished yet hard hitting folk album. He went on to win CTV’s‘The Launch’ in 2018, gaining commercialsuccess and touring across North America and Europe. But travelling the world can really open your eyes to what’s going on right at home, and the fight for indigenoussovereignty has become a focal point for Staatsin recent years. It all intermingles with the music; the passion, the rage, the love, and most of all the healing. He’s making roadtrippin’ music for those travelling ‘the red road’; a path towards reconnecting and relearning indigenous ways.

About Chef Brant

Tawnya Brant has always had a passion for food and cooking, securing her first job at a local diner at the age of 12 in Ontario’s Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. She gained more experience opening small shops and franchise restaurants throughout Southern Ontario, Western New York and Manitoulin Island, eventually attending Mohawk College’s Aboriginal Small Business Management program. Currently, Tawnya is the chef and owner of YawékonFoods, a restaurant in Ohsweken that provides Haudenosaunee fusion cuisine.


Saturday, June 22nd

CHEF: Trudy Metcalfe-Coe
COST: $100 per station (max. 4 people per station)
AGE: 8+ (or with Adult Participation)
DURATION: 1 hour

Chef Trudy Metcalfe Coe, is an award winning Inuk Chef, originally from Newfoundland and Labrador.  In this interactive cooking workshop, Trudy will lead the group to prepare a popular meal from the North in new ways with blackened arctic char, pan fried potatoes and corn with a sage butter.  

Sunday, June 23rd

CHEF: Tawnya Brant
COST: $100 per station (max. 4 people per station)
AGE: 8+ (or with Adult Participation)
DURATION: 1 hour

Chef Tawnya Brant is renowned for her innovative approach to Indigenous cuisine, blending traditional ingredients with modern culinary techniques. Her work not only showcases the rich flavors of her heritage but also promotes sustainability and food sovereignty within Indigenous communities. Tawnya will lead the group in preparing a traditional strawberry dessert.


  • Heavenly Dreams Ice Cream: Soft ice cream, slushies, popsicles, milkshakes, banana boats, blizzards and snowcones 
  • Terry’s Old Fashioned Lemonade Inc.: Lemonade
  • Kahnawake Corn Poppers: Fries, poutine, hot dogs, buffalo burger, buffalo chili, drinks, soda and juice, coffee, tea, gourmet popcorn
  • Beandigan Café: Cold Brew coffee, Strawberry Drink, Strawberry Lemonade, Lemonade, Baked Bannock with Jam and Butter, Wild Rice and Berries
  • Pow Wow Cafe: Bison Chili & Vegetarian Indian Tacos, Scone Dogs, Smoked Duck Poutine & Wildside Sodas
  • Sweet Dee’s:  Freeze dried candy, imported candy, chocolate, drinks (non alcoholic).
  • Kîsisam Pâtisserie:  Brownies wanadoh, Ashuapmushuan Forêt de Pins Noirs, Le Gâteau Otehimin, Biscottis Pacanes Pralinées, Biscottis aux Airelles, Muffins à la Camerises, Bannock au Mélilot
  • Deadly Lemonade: Regular Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry and Cherry
  • Chiblow Fish:  Fish and Chips, Hot Dogs
  • Mādahòkì Farm: Bison Burgers, 3 sisters salad, Strawberry juice and Ice Tea